HER PEAR SPA PEDICURE  : 60 minutes ………………………………$ 55 & up

Massage Hot Stone :

pear powder is a beauty and health secret used for 1000 is of year in .. authentic pearl powder contain 31 % calcium and 56 % protein as well as an assortment of amino acids . this is believed by some to be food for bone development and to promote health , lustrous skin .

Step 1

SOAK a unique bath for feet that relaxes as it improves the texture of feet. gentle softens to help  relieve dry skin .

Step 2

HYDRATING CLEANSER Foaming cleanser made especially for spa manicure and pedicure preparation . gently and thoroughly cleanses with a rich and sillky lather that washes away surface oils , perspiration and debris .

Step 3

SUGAR SCRUB : Gentle exfoliates the skin while softening . Effectively buffs away dry skin and surface cell to reveal fresher : more vibrant skin . rich moisturizer hel restore skin silky texture .

Step 4 : NOURISHING MASK Unique mask that smoothes; softens; and dedashrep stresses rough and tired feet. Rich; creamy softness; pampers feet with moisture and nourishment while lightly stimulating circulation to help ease fatigue and stress. 

Step 5 : MASSAGE CREAM White mineral oil is an incredibly rich moisture treatment that soothes and softens dry; rough; uncomfortable hands and feet. Deeply penetrates to help rebalance vital moisture to skins supple texture. 

Step 6 : MOISTURIZING LOTION White mineral oil will help to relieve dryness from head to toe. Pearl powder is as much physical relief for dry; uncomfortable skin as it is an instant all day rescue from the elements. For softer feeling skin that retains moisture longer.