GREEN TEA HONEY  SPA PEDICURE : 60 minutes ………………………………$ 65 & up

Massage Hot Stone :

The harmonious combination of green tea and honey results in amazing healing properties for the skin. Due to their high antioxidant content, the skin will be flushed of toxins and pollutants which is the best solution to reverse aging. The ingredients and sweet floral fragrance of the Cosmo Spas Green Tea & Honey will increase blood circulation while deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin which results in a fresh glowing and revitalized appearance.

Green Tea Honey Spa 6 Step Spa pedicure BOX :

step 1

SOAK : preserve younger looking skin . enjoy a therapeutic benefit of a green tea honey spa pedicure

Step 2

SCRUB : Exfoliate your Skin With  A green tea scrub . it washes away dead skin : dirt and odor as it dissolves in water .

Step 3

NOURISHING MASK : Green tea soothing & hydrating mask is restorative skincare mask that smoothers the skin . softening the feet as it draws moisture to smooth and relax .

Step 4

CALLUS SOFTENER : Callus softener is formulated with glycerin that penetrates deeply into the skin and protects heels and feet . skin feels smooth and soft : fresh and energized .


MASSAGE GEL : this rich formula contains powerful antioxidants of Green tea extract to promote healthy circulation and help fight free radicals .

Step 6

MOISTURIZING CREAM : softens and conditions your skin with our super moisturizing formula infusing a blend of real honey and green tea extracts to help bring moisture and help calm and condition dry skin .