CHAMOMILE SPA PEDICURE : 60 minutes ………………………………$ 55 & up

Massage Hot Stone :

Chamomile 6 Step Spa Pedicure Box 

Used in the medical field for its healing and therapeutic properties, chamomile extract will aid in balancing damaged or rough skin as well as an effective therapy for anxiety. 

Step 1 :

SOAK: Relax in chamomile extract with luxuriate aroma therapy 

Step 2 :

SCRUB: Gently massage with Sugar Scrub over feet and legs; exfoliating the impurities; unveiling youthful skin. 

Step 3 :

NOURISHING MASK: Lather the mask over legs and feet; savoring the tingling sensation. 

Step 4 :

MASSAGE CREAM: Generously massage feet and legs with cream; soothing tired muscles. 

Step 5 :

MOISTURIZING CREAM: Apply the hydrating cream that leaves the skin and senses refreshed and skin moisturized. 

Step 6 :

HEALING BALM: Finish by applying the healing balm that will replenish key minerals and leave the skin feeling restored.