AROMA SPA / JASMINE SPA PEDICURE : 60 minutes ………………………………$ 55 & up

Massage Hot Stone :

Aroma Spa / Freesia 4 Step Pedicure BoxThe Benefit of an Aroma SPA Essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs are believed to offer both psychological and physical benefits; not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the mind. 

STEP 1   AROMA SOAK Purify and detoxify with Aroma Soak. Made with natural oils and sea salt to help prep and cleanse the skin for your spa experience. Enjoy the relaxation and send your senses to paradise as the Aroma fills the room. 

STEP 2   SUGAR SCRUB Exfoliate your skin with the velvet bliss of Aroma Spa Sugar Scrub. Mixed with plant extracts and sugar to help lift and exfoliate the dead skincommarep leaving the skin refreshed and bare to receive the nutrient from Nourishing Mask. 

STEP 3   NOURISHING MASK Rich with nutrient ingredientscommarep this creamy Nourishing Mask will not only pamper your skin but provide natural nourishment that will stimulate tired skin and revitalize them. Leaving your handscommarep feet or body with a exceptional glow. 

STEP 4   MASSAGE CREAM The best ending to your spa experience is with our Massage Cream. Aroma Spa Massage Cream will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. The final step in our signature Aroma Spa 4 Step